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ProRange Painters is a full-service interior and exterior painting company that believes in treating our customers like family.

Flexible scheduling options.

Free color consultation.

Eco-friendly & clean work area.

PDCA Certified Member.

Our Services

Superior painting comes down to using exceptional quality products and applying them with a seasoned expertise and refined technique.

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Paint Removal and Cleaning

Complements trim, floors or cabinetry.Read More

Special Finishes

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Paint Preparation

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Professional Stained Interiors

Complements trim, floors or cabinetry. Read More[/hotspotitem][hotspotitem]


Complements trim, floors or cabinetry.Read More[/hotspotitem][/cq_vc_hotspot]

Completed Projects

Super Clean!!! My kids playroom needed some drywall work. I was extremely worried about the dust and post cleaning. Santiago Painting repaired several holes and some water damage with hardly any dust or post work residue. It was like it never happened. Highly recommended.

Michelle Mancilla

Drywall Repair and Interior Painting

We went back and forth with price for a bit. Maik assured my wife and I we would be happy, even though my wife and I would no agree on color. Maik offered to paint some samples on our wall. That turned out to be a life saver. Great customer service!

Vincent Mericone

Pressure Washing and Exterior Paint

“Experts of their trade! Felt like the right choice from the first call. Polite, professional, and on time for every appointment. They surpassed my expectations!

Jaime Soto

Interior and Exterior Painting